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Expansion News


We met our goal!


As construction nears completion, we are happy to announce that we have met our goal of $800,000 for paid towards the project one month early!  The new area of the building are nearly finished and furnishings are on order.  As we close out the project, many volunteers are still needed for landscaping, painting, and some other final tasks.

New Sanctuary

Keep watching to see the progress and how you can help us complete the dream!.



Check out the updated Expansion Project Information

*Downpayment as of September1, 2013

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St. Philip's Staff

Pastor Ed Frederick
Senior Pastor, Ed Frederick

Pastor David Wrightsman
                                              Associate Pastor, David Wrightsman

Lista Klocow, Office Manager
Office Manager, Lista Klocow

Ellen Diischer, Music Director
                                              Music Director, Ellen Diischer

Naomi Stout 
Praise Music Worship Leader, Naomi Stout

Business Manager, John Bergland

Noreen Swanson, Organist
                                              Organist, Noreen Swanson
Coordinator of Children & Young Families Ministry- Kelly Sherman-Conroy

Renee Hoffman, Coordinator of Youth Ministry
Coordinator of Youth Ministry, Renee Hoffman


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What's New?

Expansion Information

Expansion Information

The dream is nearly complete!  Thanks be to God!

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St. Philip's
St. Philip's Lutheran Church

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