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Expansion News


We met our goal!


As construction nears completion, we are happy to announce that we have met our goal of $800,000 for paid towards the project one month early!  The new area of the building are nearly finished and furnishings are on order.  As we close out the project, many volunteers are still needed for landscaping, painting, and some other final tasks.

New Sanctuary

Keep watching to see the progress and how you can help us complete the dream!.



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*Downpayment as of September1, 2013

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Our History


Founded in 1967 on the corner of 15th Street and Pleasant Drive in Hastings, St. Philip's is a Spirit-filled, evangelical congregation rooted in the Lutheran tradition but dedicated to people who know the challenges and joys of life in today's world.

We are dedicated to growing the faith God's people of all ages and from all walks of life.  Our goal is to connect people to each other and to God.

As you walk into our church there is a small plaque on the wall facing the door that describes our namesake relationship with St. Philip. The text of that plaque follows:

Why is this congregation named St. Philip's?
Philip as a disciple had qualities that seemed to fit the direction hoped for in this congregation.
Philip was raised in Bethsaida, an area of Roman-Jewish mixture. He was named after a respected Roman ruler of this area who had done well in building up the community, concerned for both Jew and Greek.

Philip's background was not bound by rigid Jewish tradition or a legalism that closed minds to new truth. It allowed him room for fresh ideas and questions. When Christ picked him as one of the first four disciples, he saw in him a living example that the new wine of the kingdom of God could not be contained in the old skins of legalism or tradition. With Philip's appreciation of the wider world, the gospel could well use him.

Philip was an approachable person known to give a listening ear to those who had comment and question, even those outside of the established faith. His own questions express man's desire to the truth, echoing the demand of a human heart to see the spiritual clothed in the physical. His questions of the spiritual always lead to revelation.

May St. Philip's Lutheran Church have as great a calling in being approachable, concerned, dedicated, seeking and always with a listening ear to the community, to people, in the service of our Lord, Jesus the Christ.

Hastings, Minnesota
May 21, 1967




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How to Find Us

St. Philip's
St. Philip's Lutheran Church

1401 15th St. West

Hastings, MN 55033



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