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Anchoring The Dream


St. Philip’s Lutheran Church is a special place richly blessed by God, and God has challenged us to expand our ministry to our community and world. We are a mighty people because God has given us the courage to dream dreams. Anchored firmly in our faith in Jesus Christ, we possess the courage to make those dreams come alive.

A major goal at St. Philip’s is to expand this ministry and outreach. Key to this goal is the expansion of our facility. Church growth experts have found that when a Sanctuary is 80% or more occupied, that it is considered “full” and church seekers will be discouraged to attend. On many significant Sundays and holidays, our Sanctuary attendance is beyond this 80% level. Our lack of space now limits the quality of our worship, education, fellowship and outreach.

Our goal of an expanded Sanctuary will allow us to more than double our present seating capacity. This will:
• Open our doors wider to more of God’s people in the community.
• Enhance the worship experience with dedicated space for musicians and other worship leaders.
• Expand our capability to host weddings, funerals, music concerts and presentations.
• Allow us to gather informally, connecting us with friends and new faces.

We believe that our expansion goal will position St. Philip’s to meet the needs of our church and its growing ministries. We seek to expand our building so the ministry of Christ will be enhanced here at St. Philip’s Lutheran Church.

‘Anchoring the Dream’ is a statement by the people of St. Philip’s that the time has come to capture the dream that God has placed in our hearts to build a Sanctuary so we can expand our ministry. Believing God was leading us to grow and multiply according to his command in Matthew 28, “go into the world and baptize”, God has truly blessed us. Consider we have paid our $900,000 debt.

Now is the time to take the key steps to Anchoring the Dream. We are asked to prayerfully consider three things as we set the stage for building and ministry expansion:
  1. Bring the current Capital Appeal: ‘Believing! Belonging! Building!’ to a strong finish in 2011. The fulfillment of our pledges and gifts to the current Appeal is needed to prepare us for our expansion.
  2. Strive to maintain our current commitment to the on-going operating needs of St. Philip’s through the General Fund.
  3. Prepare for prayerful consideration of generous joy-filled giving to our new Appeal, Anchoring the Dream.


In the fall of 2011, St. Philip’s is conducting an annual Stewardship Appeal and a three-year Building Appeal. Our goals will be to raise our 2012 Operating Budget by at least 5% over 2011 and to raise $1,000,000 or more for the Building Expansion Project. Achieving these goals will enhance our ministry and set the stage for an expanded facility.


We owe a great debt to many who have generously built the foundation upon which we are now building. Now, another generation waits to see what we will do. Let us go beyond dreaming. Let us trust God to build up this ministry so that we all will know “the hope we hold is like an anchor for our lives, an anchor safe and sure.”

St. Philip's Core Appeal Team, Expansion Team, and Pastors

Invitation to Give:

Two Purposes/Two Pledges

“What would you like me to consider giving so we can achieve our goals?”  Listed below are suggested stewardship gift ranges to prayerfully consider. Although each of the gift ranges we ask you to consider are challenging, receiving gifts within all of these Invitation-to-Give ranges are necessary if we are to reach our goals. We believe our members have the right and the responsibility to make their own decisions. We also know God is at work in our lives helping us grow in our faith and generosity.

Some Suggested Giving Challenges
2012 Annual General Fund
• All members are being asked to prayerfully consider increasing their giving to the General Fund for the ongoing ministry of the church in 2012.
• We are asking that everyone consider a 5% increase in annual giving.

2012 - 2014 Building Fund
1. Matching Gift
- Pray and consider matching your General Fund gift over the next three years. For example, if you are currently giving $25 per week ($1300 per year) as your gift, would you prayerfully
consider also giving $25 per week to the Building Fund for the next three years for a commitment total of $3,900?
2. Leadership Gift – The church needs members who will make leadership gifts of $10,000, or more, to the Capital Fund over the three years.
3. Major Gift – We invite members who have been financially blessed to pray and consider making a Major Gift of $25,000, $50,000 to $100,000 or more to the Anchoring the Dream Building Fund Appeal. Your giving does make a difference! It makes a difference in the lives of the people who are here today at St. Philip’s, of those who are yet to join us, and of those living in our greater community. Through your
continued and increased giving, more people will experience Christ’s presence with us in our discipleship journey.

How Can I Help Make This Appeal a Success?
• By prayerfully responding to God’s gift of love with your generous gifts.
• By returning your commitment cards as part of worship on Commitment Sunday, November 13.
• By praying for the success of our Anchoring the Dream Appeal and asking God, “What do you want to do through me to accomplish your will for St. Philip’s Lutheran Church?”


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