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We met our goal!


As construction nears completion, we are happy to announce that we have met our goal of $800,000 for paid towards the project one month early!  The new area of the building are nearly finished and furnishings are on order.  As we close out the project, many volunteers are still needed for landscaping, painting, and some other final tasks.

New Sanctuary

Keep watching to see the progress and how you can help us complete the dream!.



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*Downpayment as of September1, 2013

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5th - 6th Grade


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Grace And Promise People 

Preteen youth meet in the Gathering Room in small groups. Each small group will have adult mentors who build relationships through the year. The class is taught by a group of teachers who use a variety of interactive methods - art, movies, science, or cooking. A new subject & teacher will be introduced every four weeks. GAPP gives an overview of the Biblical story, both Old and New Testaments, in the course of two years. GAPP also includes one service project or real faith and life conversation with members of the congregation each month. The goal of these two years is to grow in faith and hope, and prepare them for life as a Christian youth in today's world.


GAPP members will also meet twice a month for fun outings and games!


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